What would you change about the world of ping pong?
By answering a few questions, you could help us improve your ping pong experience forever. We are on a mission to find every ping pong table in the world and we need your help deciding what to build next
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Sit back, relax and think of your dream ping pong spot

Think of the location of your favorite ping pong table. Too easy! What if we told you there are another 10 spots within a 5 minute drive from where you are. Even better right?

We want to change that. Ping Pong Map by Uberpong™  launched at the beginning of 2015 with the mission to locate every ping pong table in the world. And now we want to take that even further.

Imagine having  every aspect of ping pong (or table tennis) at your fingertips and accessible through a mobile app. Locate every table near you and find trending spots. Follow recreational and professional ping pong matches happening everywhere in the world. Challenge your friends. Brag about your victories. See what gear your friends use. Buy equipment. Never miss a serve again.   #PlayAnywhere.
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